Wellbeing Diaries – Week Eight: Fun Nail Art and Jet Skiing in Bora Bora3 min read

palm tress at sunset

By Emily Chhunkeo

Wellbeing Diaries is a weekly series featuring different PSU community members sharing their perspectives on practicing and understanding wellbeing. This week’s diary features one of the interns here at the Wellbeing Diaries team talking about the fun nail art she’s been doing and manifesting goals for herself.


Hi! I’m Emily Chhunkeo and I’m a sophomore here at Portland State University and I’m one of the interns helping with the emails and reaching out to you guys! I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande and love to hang out with my friends (socially distancing of course) and eating Korean BBQ. 


What is something you learned about yourself throughout the quarantine?

I learned about myself during quarantine, how to be my person and that it’s nice to have coffee or lunch by myself. I knew that it’s okay to be alone and take time away from social media, emails, and people I’m close with, such as my friends from high school. I learned how to manage my time a lot better with Google Calendar and my planner from Target!  


Are there any new books that you have read or are currently reading? What is it about, and why did you choose that book?

The book that I have read is called “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. It talks about how you control your emotions and what you manifest and think about daily. One takeaway I had was, “Your subconscious mind produces all your experiences, events, conditions, and acts in reaction to your thoughts. Remember, it is not the thing believed in but the belief in your mind that brings about the result.” I chose this book because I’m a big believer in manifestation and setting goals for myself, but I wanted a more in-depth look at what it is, so I picked this book. 


Any new experiences you’ve done or would like to try?

Some new experiences I would like to try are jet skiing in Miami or Bora Bora! It looks so fun when I see my favorite rappers or singers do it :). I also really want to try skydiving. I’ve had a few of my friends do it, and they’ve told me it’s something you won’t regret!


What have you tried that challenged you, pushed you out of your comfort zone, or scared you? What were your thoughts, and how did you feel?

One thing that I tried that pushed me out of my comfort zone was trying new nail art styles. I have my own Pinterest board where I look at other people’s ideas and save them for my nail lady to do them!  I wasn’t really into getting my nails done, but wow, it truly makes me feel a lot happier with doing designs I would never do because I was super scared of what people would say! I felt a lot more confident with my work, and it was nice having something to look at while I’m in my Zoom classes :).


What exercises your brain? 

I feel like reading exercises my brain because I tend just to read super fast if it’s a book I’m not even that interested in (sorry to my Professors!). But if it’s a book about growth and something I can apply to real-world scenarios, then there will be many post-it notes, underlining essential details that I should follow through with, and how I’ll take the book anywhere I go!


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