Wellbeing Diaries – Week Ten: Staying Connected with Friends and Eating Healthy Snacks3 min read

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By Xander Cho

Wellbeing Diaries is a weekly series featuring different PSU community members sharing their perspectives on practicing and understanding wellbeing. This week a student talks about staying connected with his friends in California and his favorite snacks!

Xander Cho (He/Him). I’m really big into sports and love playing video games. I’m originally from Southern CA. I am currently a sophomore at PSU and have really enjoyed going here. I currently live in Portland and enjoy living downtown. Over the last year, it’s been tough for me to stay on track in school and overall feel good. Being away and in lockdown was hard, but I’m happy things are looking up. I’m really looking forward to being back on campus and being more active next year. 


How do you move your body/practice joyful movement?

I like working out in the gym using weights, along with walks. Helps me cool down and feel good. I’ve started to work out more and I’m really enjoying it so far. It really helped my mood and overall well-being. 


What are your go-to meals/snacks?

Fruit, like strawberries or apples for snacks. For meals, I love eating around campus at the food carts and some of the restaurants nearby. The food around campus is all really good and there are a lot of good choices. 


Any new food/recipes you’ve picked up over quarantine?

I’ve learned to cook more food over the last year, a lot more protein, and combinations of stuff. I am still learning to cook, but this past year I’ve learned more than I ever have. I started to expand the things I like to eat too. 


What is your routine for getting ready for bed?

I usually do all my self-care stuff and then I usually go on my phone for a little bit before turning it off. I also play video games or stay up for shows I watch. I also like drinking water before I sleep too. 


How do you stay connected with friends and family? 

I use social media a lot to stay connected with my friends and family. To communicate with them and stay connected and in touch. I also play video games with my friends a lot and that keeps me stay connected.

How do you make friends or get to know people in your zoom classes? 

I don’t really. It’s hard too and I really haven’t done either over zoom. Much easier in person to make friends and get to know each other. 

How do you learn about social clubs at PSU? 

I learn about clubs at PSU from emails, friends, peers, and events. I plan on attending more next year when in-person. I learned about some events and clubs during the pandemic, but haven’t reached out to any yet. I also learn from just searching my interests on the club’s website. 

How has your relationship with social media changed or remained the same over quarantine? 

Over quarantine, I definitely have used social media more. It’s the best way for me to connect with people still. Social media has its pros and cons, but during the quarantine, it helped me stay connected with my friends and the world.


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